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My teacher once told me, 'Jackie, u r very hardworking but sometimes it is not abt being hardworking.'

I know I lack many things but this is what I can best do for myself and this is how I can learn, grow, play and explore. I will never forget the teacher's words because it is so important when people tell you honestly what they think about you.

I can only trust time and wellness for me to change myself.
To Whom It May Concern

RE:  Notice of Resignation from Social Creatives Ltd.

I have officially left Social Creatives Ltd on the 31st of July 2009 as Projects Administrator handling projects administration as well as the curriculum planning of the education component in the company.

I have left the company because of several matters which had led me to have a a deep concern about the relationship and professionalism between artist and those who are employed for their creative service and talent.

In the local Art Industry where many young artists looking for possibility (with honesty and hope) to show their talent/work and earn a living are unfortunately  trapped in a situation where their payment, energy and commitment were largely affected.

In this instant I am refering to a Ltd Company whom I have work with as Project Administrator since May 2009; created certain confusion to me and several other staff not only concerning ‘no-payment’ but also over promise to the company's vision and aims.

As a founder of Singapore Contemporary Young Artist Project (SCYA)


with more then 50 young singaporean artist as our supporter who believe in promoting young talent in Singapore. I  took this issue and responsibility to inform as many people as I could to bring out  issues of unprofessionalism of which, I personally experience over several projects by a Ltd Company who seek financial assistance to help itself out of financial difficulties. Radin Mas CC has been one of the supporter who took 1Singapore dollar rent per month.

Base on my experience working in in the company who claim to operate itself under the label ‘Youth Charity Organization’ is misleading not only to young artist but also to their staff and  organization who are potential sponsors.

Below is a lengthy detail of my personal account and memo on what exactly happen to me in my

blog: http://jameelah-sells.livejournal.com/

which lead to this open letter to address some of the concerns I have with Social Enterprises and Youth-Charity Organizations. I do hope you take sometime to read. I also hope for many young artist here in Singapore that they will not have to struggle with ill fated learning and process without protecting their craft and art.

Here I would like to quote Nicholas Chan, who resigned in January 2009

-   “ I cannot represent a company which operates in a manner that is inconsistent with what I would stand for in my definition of a Social Enterprise. My definition is in line with what is defined in the “Social Enterprise” Wikipedia entry: “A commonly-cited rule of thumb is that their income is derived from the business trading rather than from subsidy or donations.” “

for further reading go here –

Thank you.

Jacklyn Soo

In March 2009, I approached Social Creatives Ltd to inquire if they are looking for a full-time/part-time person to work on simple administrative jobs etc. I was keen to work in a youth-charity arts organization that promotes art and community as it engages in my involvement in the arts as an artist, art educator and founder to SCYA. The ex-company manager responded to my email and contacted me for an interview.

On the first day of my employment, the Interim Executive Director/Director had kindly introduced to me the working organization of the company and how they get their grants and money to support the running of the organization. As I handle Administration, he instructed that claims will be given on 15th of each month as well as salary will be given on the 26th of each month.

In the first week of work, I noticed that one staff member has not been coming to work so I kindly asked the Project Manager for Music, Mr Bret Ong why our colleague, Fitriah Abdullah was not at  work and he replied that she was not paid in April so she is not here in office to work and he also mentioned that he was not paid in April too.

I quickly asked the Interim Executive Director/Director what had happened and he had explained that the previous company manager, Steven Koh has misused some Funds and was terminated immediately. He had also convey Steven wrote a wrong invoice for a project outling 50% payment after confirmation of artwork when it is to be 50% payment after confirmation of project proposal etc. Steven Koh brought up to MOM at the end of May 2009 when he did not receive his April salary. The case has now been settled with Steven's payment paid through installments from end August 09 onwards.

In early May, Social Creatives was given IPC status. They had then sent out emails to various organizations seeking for assistance to help with their financial difficulties. From my knowledge, a lady called Dazzle is the only one responded with contribution.

On 6 May, Dazzle approached the company after reading a posting on a Social Enterprise Group stating that Social Creatives has approved grants of up to 100+k but is unable to survive as there is no cash to pay for operating overhead. The Interim Executive Director/Director briefed Dazzle that the Company is a social enterprise that wants to bring Art to the Community such as Tampines and that the Company needed cash to pay for staff salaries and overheads as the previous general manager had make several business blunders such as signing a contract with Xerox without board approval.

On 8 May, Dazzle met up with the Interim Executive Director/Director again with a cheque donation of $500 and a business opportunity to design her namecard.  Social Creatives was to design a namecard for her before 24 May 09 so that she can promote the Company at the Mercy Relief Funding Raising Event for Sri Lanka Displaced People. She had given her own design for one side of the namecard while the other side design was given to the Company to put anything that will bring in businesses for them. Dazzle was told that the namecard design will be out within a week, 15 May 09. On 20 May, the Interim Executive Director/Director had sent Dazzle the namecard design. With the Mercy Relief Fund Raising Event on 24 May, there was no buffer given to amend the design as the namecard design must be sent to the production company by 21 May so that she can use it on 24 May. Dazzle had expressed her disappointment with the service provided by the Company and she had paid $180 for the two sets of 'poorly designed' namecard with the agreement from the Interim Executive Director/Director that was to provide another design that meet Dazzle's requirement by 29 May 09.

On 30 May 2009, Dazzle was informed by the Interim Executive Director/Director that the Company was facing a CPF law suit for failure to pay for an ex-employee CPF Contribution for the month of March which amounted to about $1400. Dazzle had told the Interim Executive Director/Director that being a social enterprise, he had to find business instead of relying on donation. The Interim Executive Director/Director also informed Dazzle that he was trying to get deferment from National Service as he needs to appear in Court on 13 Jun while his enlistment date was 9 Jun 09. Hence Dazzle guided him to get his deferment from National Service till Sep 09.

On 4 Jun 2009, the Interim Executive Director/Director had emailed Dazzle her second namecard design. For the 4 Jun design, the Interim Executive Director/Director wanted Dazzle to pay $1400 even before agreeing with the design. Subsequently the Interim Executive Director/Director informed Dazzle that he will be banking in her cheque, stating that the 2nd design will cost Dazzle $850 even before agreeing with the design. He tried to assure Dazzle that he will make sure that the next design will meet Dazzle's expectation. Dazzle had informed him that the blank cheque given to the Interim Executive Director/Director since 20 May 2009 will be terminated as he had demonstrated no commitment to provide service to Dazzle as a client.

After realizing the situation between the Interim Executive Director/Director and Dazzle, I could not sit still and do nothing so I worked hard in May nonetheless to get some school jobs, handling a Temasek Junior College Project that was going to be executed end May as well as trying my best to clean up some management mess in the company at that time. This was so as I was shocked to hear that the budding artists and volunteers for the TJC project was not informed that they were part of the project and I had to rush to brief them so that the project will run smoothly on that day. I realized than that the Company had internal management problems and something had to be done.

However, I was very against staff coming out more than $50 for buying for materials for any projects and later to be reminbursed. This was so as the company did not have money at that time and it would be very insecure for the staff to not know when our claims for the month will come.

 We needed some money for the printing of some posters and signages for TJC project on 23rd May 2009 and the Director got the intern, Perlie Lee to pay first but had later resolved the issue with Perlie upon my insistence.

After arranging and sitting through an internal meeting on the 27th of May 2009 with the Management team, I felt and thought that staying in the Company will not do me good so I sent in my resignation letter to the Interim Executive Director/Director on 28th May 2009 after working for a month but was asked to serve and fulfill my notice period term of 2 months. I was unable to fulfil the last month of notice as I was not confident of getting my pay on time in June and July 09, therefore, I had spoken with the Director to request for a part-time schedule in July 09. He had agreed.

When I found out that the Interim Executive Director/Director was going to serve his National Service in June, I was shocked I was not informed of this. He had earlier communicated to me that he cannot work as Interim Executive Director/Director of the Company as he is also the Board Member and that the Board has suggested to him to step down etc. I pursued the Director to find a replacement for his position and he suggested one of the Board member to me but was later informed again that he has yet to approach him or confirm anything of a new Interim Executive Director/Director taking over.

Charity Contribution
I could not see yet the value of the Company being a charity organization. I could see a youth organization, an arts organization on hand but not so a charity organization where profits of the company actually goes to beneficiaries of which there were none. The money that we have been applying for since May when I came in has been to pay the staff's overdue salaries and other invoices. Dazzle's donation of $500 was for staff claims. It was very hard for me to stay on  knowing that what I am working is not actually benefiting the local artists community.

Budding Artists Fee and Volunteers Token of Appreciation
Budding Artists are given a range of $20 - $80 however, there is no standard in allocation of the fee. Two budding artists had informed me that the previous project executive told him that they were to be paid $80 for their time in painting a wall mural and another at $45. However, when they asked the Interim Executive Director/Director about their fee in front of me and two other budding artists, he had declined the sum and said he can only pay the budding artists about $10. I was shocked to hear that from him and told the both of them that it is only fair to give them higher. I was trying to resolve some tensions etc.
Since then, the budding artists has both received their payment for their work in April in July.

May's Salary and YDF Fund
On the 27th of May 2009, just before our internal meeting, a letter from YDF came and it was attention to me. The Grant called YDF which the Interim Executive Director/Director has asked me to work on was approved and we were to get a token fund of 1.8k in 2 weeks time upon receiving the letter. The Director said in front of the Management Team that the YDF grant of which 1.6k of my monthly salary will be given to me when it comes in 2 weeks time. However, this is not so.

In the first week of June 09, the Interim Executive Director/Director received an email from MOM and CPF board to inform of ex employee's Steven Koh's Cpf and April Salary Case. The Interim Executive Director/Director panicked a little but was seeking some form of help from a lady named Dazzle who told Faris it is ok to defer his National Service and helped him in editing the letter of deferement of his National Service.

June and Money Transference
In June, I was working with Fitriah on designing and managing Dazzle's namecards among other duties and was also waiting for when the YDF money will arrive.
A letter soon came and stated that an amount of 1.8k will be credited to SC bank account on 12th of June 2009.

I wrote an email on 11th June to Interim Executive Director/Director to inform him that the YDF grant will arrive on 12th June and kindly reminded him that 1.6k will be given to me as promised in front of the 2 managers that it will be my May's pay.

The Interim Executive Director/Director then emailed back and forth with me about his MOM case and said he needed $600. My calculations are 1.8k - 1.6k = $200 remaining so I told the Interim Executive Director/Director that that $200 was of cause eligible to be used for his MOM case. As for the remaining $400, I had kindly asked him to borrow money from board or his family but to which he replied that there were difficulties to inform the board and ask from his family etc. However, at the end of the conversation, he gave me an impression that my 1.6k will be secured and that he would be transferring the full amount to me on 12th June. I wait till 930pm that day on 12th June and texted him to ask if he had transferred my pay.

The Interim Executive Director/Director replied that he had only transferred 1.2k to my account and told me by Monday, 15th May he would give me my remaining $400. I knew then the breach was broken and I could not trust him to pay that remaining $400 on 15th June Monday. So I wrote an email attention to the Board Members of whom I only had their personal emails to witness for me. I had also emailed to the staff.

On 13th June, I emailed blast to my contacts to inform them of the problems Social Creatives was having and that I was not given my full pay as promised earlier. I received some comments that there were people who were already skeptical of the company as they were approached by the Interim Executive Director/Director before.

Somehow, my email blast got into the Interim Executive Director/Director's email account and he was texting me non-stop about how I was fighting with him and that defamation was a serious case and that I will not even see my $400 back and such. He also asked me to provide the emails of my contacts of which I declined. I replied to the Interim Executive Director/Director that I was not fighting with him at all. He said the board will send him money and that I will receive $400 on 15th June, Monday. We had arranged to meet on 15th June, Monday to talk about the situation.

15th June, Monday: Remaining $400
The Interim Executive Director/Director was again trying to get me to send him the contacts of my email blast but I had to declined several times. This is due to the fact that these contacts are of my personal contacts and I am in my own position to say what I can do with my personal contacts.

Fortunately, the Interim Executive Director/Director had agreed to return my $400 when a certain VCF funding comes in 2 months time but when all debt cheques was signed and approved on 8th July, I had accidentally banked in my $400 cheque. However, the Director and I had kindly resolved this matter and all my payment in May are cleared.

Bank Overdraft
As I thought everything was settled for my May's pay situation. The company's bank sent us our monthly bank statement and there I was holding the statement in my hand and I do not see a $600 transfer made to anyone but below the 1.2k transfer that the Interim Executive Director/Director made on 13th June, was a 1.4k plus overdraft of sum withdrawal. He had transfered 1.4k plus to pay for Steven's CPF contribution and not Steven's MOM salary case.

Dazzle's second set namecards
Dazzle decided not to go ahead with the second set of namecards and this had caused the Interim Executive Director/Director much grief as we needed money for our next project in June with Changi General Hospital.
A Project Cost Cut
One of the Project that I worked on in the Company had financial difficulties with the Company and was requesting to cut the cost of the actual proposed invoice.  He asked for a $500 reduction and had informed YOG's contact person who introduced the Company to the school. The Interim Executive Director/Director was upset and disturbed by this event and had arranged to meet up with the Teacher with my presence once in a meeting. I was equally affected as we needed money to pay for things. However, I was not able to contribute much to the project as the costing was not done by me. In the meeting, there were signs and tells of disagreement and occasional sprouts of anger between them. Finally, in the third week of June, the school approved the finance cost changes and sent over the invoices of which in July, $1,300 was banked into the Company's account. However, I found out on 17th July 09 that the second invoice has not been given to the school.

Cheques came on 8th July
Money from YOCDF fund of $7k and Changi General Hospital - Arts for Health programme money of $4900K came in early July and the Director was able to issue cheques as mentioned by Board to change all payments from ATM to Cheques.
Most payments have been cleared expect for some staff's June Salary, July Salary and July Claims etc.

June Salary/Jacklyn's July work schedule
Towards the end of June, I had informed the Interim Executive Director/Director that I would like to take the offer of a teaching part-time job with an Art Teaching Company which will start in July. He had agreed with me and I have informed him which are the days that I can come to work and they were Wednesday Half-Day as well as Friday Full-Day.

I was fine with my salary reduction and had made a calculation of my full salary of 1.6k divided by the number of working days in a month which leads to a sum of $10 per hour of which half-day wednesday and full-day fridays would result in $520.00.

However, the Interim Executive Director/Director told me that he needed to clear with the board if I could work on wed and fridays and he suggested to me that if I worked 22.5hrs for the month of July, it was justifiable for the contract and the company. I thought it was rather strange but nonetheless told the Director that  22.5hrs is $800.00 and he was agreeable to that.

Unfortunately, the Interim Executive Director/Director communicated with me again at a later date that my July salary status is now TBC and may cost ~$400.00. He also mentioned that he may cut my June Salary if I do not work in July which cannot happen because I was working in July with 2 days MC given to him.

Since then, my July Salary has been settled with an amount of $490.32 as calculated and confirmed by the Accountant and Board of Directors.

I am officially out of the Company on 31st July and I have written this email to inform you of the matter in the Company since April 2009.

It was a great experience working in a Social Enterprise Company led by a Youth who believes in bringing about certain changes and ideas in Community Art platforms but my thoughts are that the Company may need to reassess what Community Art is, how to manage and operate it especially so in what areas of their Youth-Charity Organization strategy benefits the public on a whole as they approach their business through seeking government grants, donations etc.

It is best to be transparent in all areas when dealing with a Company. Volunteers, Social Work and Charity enthusiast as well as Young Artists in Singapore may not have the capacity to understand or realize certain grounds to which a Company manages. It is even more important for any Company/Organization dealing with Social Issues, Environmental Issues, Art, Community Agendas, Charities and more to understand these subject matters in-depth.

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